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April 6, 2020
ALMOST LOVE: Movie Screencaps
almost love movies

Colin’s new movie – Almost Love (formerly Sell By) – is now out on demand! Make sure you check it out on iTunes, Amazon Prime, or your favorite streaming platform! I’ve added 475 HD screencaps to the gallery, featuring Colin’s character Henry! Make sure you rent or buy the movie today! Movie Projects > [2020] Almost Love > Movie Screencaps

January 18, 2020
Love on Iceland – Promotional Photos + Production Stills
love on iceland movies

Tonight marks the premiere of Colin’s first Hallmark movie – Love on Iceland – at 9pm on Hallmark Channel! Below, I’ve included a synopsis of the movie, production stills, and promotional photos of Colin, his co-stars, and his wife Patti! Please make sure you watch tonight and let Hallmark know how much you enjoyed Colin (and Patti!), so they can